Goat Cheese and Jam Quesadilla

These goat cheese and jam quesadillas are just sinful. If you’re looking to impress your husband with something new and delicious, I suggest surprising him with a goat cheese quesadilla made on the waffle iron.

Grandpa is easy to cook for, because everything I make him is, according to him, “the best I ever had.” He’s a sweet man sometimes, and it makes cooking for him easy. I could give him a poop sandwich and he’d be happy.

Our grandkids like to think we’re pretty old fashioned. I do the cooking and cleaning, he makes messes around the house and tries to make the bed sometimes, but that’s usually a disaster. I let him think he’s boss, but we both know I secretly run the show around here. So, when it comes to cooking, I like to experiment because he’s the best critic I’ve ever had.

Goat cheese quesadilla with jam.

These quesadillas did get quite messy because I added way too much goat cheese and jam. They overflowed and made a mess, but this can be fixed by simply adding less cheese and jam than pictured above. And even if it does overflow, it’s not very hard to wipe up.

Goat Cheese and Jam Quesadilla

Recipe by GrandmaDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time




  • Tortillas

  • Goat cheese

  • Jam, we used blueberry

  • Butter

Let’s Get Started

  • Preheat your Waffleye waffle maker.
  • Top tortillas with jam and crumbled goat cheese (I topped one tortilla with jam and one with goat cheese, however, you can top one tortillas with both to make it easier). Don’t do what I did and use too much goat cheese and jam. A little goes a long way. I suggest leaving two to three inches around the edge of the tortilla un-topped. The filling will spread out as the quesadilla cooks.
  • Butter the outside of the tortillas and place on your preheated waffle maker.
  • Cook for about 3 minutes, or until warm and golden.

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