Waffled Donuts

Honestly, this “recipe” doesn’t need a post. But let’s be real, we want to get your eyes on our waffle maker as many ways as we can.

As you may already know, its April. It’s April and the year is 2020. Do you know what that means??! It is 420 all month long. Yes, all month. With the current global COVID-19 pandemic leaving most people quarantined at home, we are assuming that many of you are smoking more weed than normal. In honor of the increased weed consumption, we want to highlight all of the fun, and easy things you can cook in your waffle maker.

This is one of our favorites. Who else has woken up to find a box of half eaten donuts, not remembering how you got them, and why they aren’t gone? We can assure you that we have. We are here with a PSA that you can reheat those donuts in your waffle maker, and they taste just like the day there were fried. Go ahead, try it. We dare you.

Simply preheat your waffle maker, and cook your favorite donut for about 2 minutes. Our favorite kind to reheat is glazed and apple fritter. Donut holes work great, too. But we have to warn you, if you reheat a chocolate or other flavored glaze donut, it can get very messy and make the waffle maker hard to clean.